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Hardwood is available in three species: oak, maple, and yellow birch. The main characteristics of each are as follows:

Red Oak

Red oak boards hide blemishes and imperfections better than maple and yellow birch. Oak wood grain is open and less uniform, slowing the signs of premature aging. Your choice of a gloss or semi-gloss finish will depend on where the flooring is to be installed and how often it will be maintained. The JankaWood Hardness Test gives oak a resistance rating of 1,290 lb. Oak has a strong grain and is therefore better equipped to protect itself.

Select & Better Red Oak Natural Red Oak Rustic Red Oak


Sugar maple is renowned for its hardness and has a rating of 1,450 lb. on the Janka scale. Since it is paler, changes in color may be more pronounced if the flooring is overexposed to light. A gloss or semi-gloss finish can be applied, depending on the desired effect.

Select & Better Maple Natural Maple Rustic Maple

Also available in the following colors :









Black pepper



Yellow Birch

Yellow birch wood grain is either straight and firm or wavy. According to the JankaWood Hardness Test, it is solid, with a rating of up to 1,260 lb. Unlike in maple, color changes due to light exposure are less pronounced, and the wood’s distinct shades create a much sought-after warmth—all of which makes it a popular choice among consumers.

Select & Better Yellow Birch Natural Yellow Birch Rustic Yellow Birch
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